Why Saturate

It's world class.
Who preaches the Gospel better than the Jesus film? In 1600 languages?

It's irresistible.
Who refuses a free gift of real substance?

It's interdenominational.
The focus is Jesus - pure and simple!

Everyone can participate.
All ages can participate.

No special training.
Everyone knows they should share their faith but they don't know how. Even with training people often feel ill-equipped.

Volunteers love it.
Volunteers often said "It was a privilege", "It was an honor" and "Do you have more?".

Churches love it.
Besides new converts, the church can expect their invitations to church to reap a harvest in attendance.

People love it.
Everyone, with very few exceptions, were very receptive. Moreover, many expressed their conviction that they are happy to see the church reaching out. Even unbelievers, skeptics and people of another faith welcomed the gift about Jesus.

It's anointed.
The Gospel itself is anointed, yet God is anointing the church's obedience (Mt.28:18-20; Mk.16:15). And yet God chose this vision for this season. A trifecta!

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